Letter to the Editor

Good service represents city well

Saturday, November 6, 2004

On Oct. 9 while traveling cross-country, my truck lost fifth gear. As you know, any car trouble can be a nightmare while traveling. We saw the Auffenberg Chrysler/Dodge sign in Cape Girardeau as a possible answer to our plight.

I explained my problem to the salesman but had missed the mechanics. We knew it would be Monday before the mechanics could look at my truck. The salesman set us up with a rental and then helped us find a place to stay. We have a small dog so we had to call several places to find one that accepted pets.

On Monday, Auffenberg's mechanics went to work. They answered my questions on the transmission trouble and showed me the parts replaced. This is the type of service I expect from a dealership but don't always receive.

We stayed four days in your town. These days could have been a nightmare, but the people we met at Drury Suites, Pear Tree Inn, Red Lobster, Ryan's and many more businesses made our impromptu visit educational and entertaining. The staff and service we received through Auffenberg was top-notch. I have never received better service or assistance anywhere. Cape Girardeau should count itself fortunate to have businesses and people of this caliber to represent their community. Thank you.

SAMUEL D. THOMAS Jr., Excello, Mo.