Speak Out 1/25/09

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Column math

RON Hart's Jan. 16 column said: "That it took eight years and two wars to increase the deficit $1.5 trillion ... " I wish to correct him. When President Bush entered office in January 2001, we had a national deficit of $5.75 trillion. We now have a deficit approaching $10.75 trillion. Hart better brush up on his math.

Turning, not driving

For the love of all we hold sacred, will you please not drive in the passing lanes? Those signs posted on Jackson Boulevard should be in neon. The turning lanes are not for merging. They are for turning.

Overflowing housing

I don't see how landlords can cram three families in one small home and 12 to 18 people in a two-bedroom apartment. It seems to me the wiring and sewer system would not be geared for that many people. It's obvious to me there are no inspections being done. It's annoying to neighbors of these conditions.

Spending cure

A caller claimed that FDR kept us in depression for a decade by growing government and throttling free enterprise. Turn off Rush Limbaugh for a few minutes and read history. Roosevelt was determined to maintain a balanced budget, which limited the amount of money that could be thrown into stimulating the economy. Not until World War II was imminent did he truly start spending at a level that would pull the economy out of depression. Wouldn't it be nice if we could start a spending program today that would end our current economic crisis, investing in industry and technology for our future, rather than a global war?

Adding sports

IT is exciting that sports at the seventh-grade level are being considered. This is something that should be favored by the Cape Girardeau School Board. Sports at that level should be a part of the school district. Grade school sports should be considered.

Fighting back

IN 1936 fascist Italy attacked Ethiopia, which fought back. The League of Nations condemned both countries. In 2009 Hamas attacked Israel, which fought back. The United Nations condemned both of them. It makes you wonder what the world peace crowd has against countries defending themselves when attacked.

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