Dining out: Broussard's recommends...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

If it were a football team, the uniforms would be purple, green and gold; the mascot a singing aligator. Alas, Broussard's doesn't play games, it simply serves up cajun food in a colorful atmosphere. The walls of the downtown restaurant are painted with musicians and gators. The stage hosts local and touring bands every weekend. And the kitchen serves up spicy, creole goodness. Owner Hunter Clark offered his suggestions from the Nawlins inspired menu.


Cajun Bloody Mary: It's spicy, but such a sweet drink to order. This adults-only beverage comes with green olives, lemon and lime. We're not sure if it counts as one of your daily vegetable servings, but it should make the occasional appearance on your food pyramid. It'll keep your mind healthy if nothing else.


Boiled Crawfish: Broussard's is a cajun place, what else would you expect but crawfish? These little guys are boiled and piled on a plate like an army of shellfish, claws and all.


Crawfish Etouffee: Though Broussard's also serves etouffee with shrimp or chicken, Clark said the crawfish etouffee is the most popular, adding that the restaurant's original recipe dates back to 1986.


Bread pudding: Served warm with a gooey rum sauce. This dessert will make the biggest bread pudding skeptics crave a serving.

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