Speak Out 1/18/09

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dual increases

HAS anyone noticed that the unemployment rate goes up as the minimum wage goes up?

Thoughtful ideas

CONGRATULATIONS to the teacher who shared the most intelligent way of grading papers. She was right on point with many positive ideas. This person should have the job as secretary of education in Washington, D.C. Her ideas seemed to be looking at education from a serious and long-reaching point of view not only from the children's lifelong well-being, but also the most important way to strengthen our country. Good education releases the property taxpayers of continuing tax action with little results. Our country needs more teachers like this one.

Thanks for noticing

I would like to thank the man at the stop sign this morning who told me I had a flat tire. Thank you. God bless you. I went to a filling station, called my husband and he got it fixed.

Hope for connections

THIS editorial about making connections was the most commonsense idea for helping a part of Cape Girardeau. This idea should be expanded and worked on. Without doing what is mentioned in this editorial, there's no hope for these areas.

TV conversion

THE TV converter boxes we have to get are nothing but an expensive pain in the rear. I had to buy a table to put the box on. I had to get a special antenna. I don't know why this was pushed on us this way. I wish somebody could explain it to me.

Need a roundabout

I see a house is being torn down at the intersection of Mount Auburn and Hopper roads. That is where the four-way stop sign is confusing and nobody seems to know when it's his turn to go. Why doesn't the city take this opportune time to build a roundabout there? More people would learn how convenient roundabouts are, how safe they are and how they help the flow of traffic without stopping.

Nabbing violators

I have never received a ticket, but it upsets me to drive my child to Central High School and see two or three police cruisers trying to get speeders. Go to the various intersections on William Street and Kingshighway to catch drivers who run red lights.

Medical confusion

THE government wants health records to be computerized. I agree. It would eliminate the unnecessary repeating of tests. My worry is there are about five people with name identical to mine. When I go to the doctor, I have to correct this. It happens a lot. I even got billed for someone else's visit.

Frustrating switch

I would like to know why everyone is having to switch to digital television. This is making people spend more money. It's a lot of frustration.

Who knows?

HE who knows not and knows not he knows not is a fool. Shun him. He who knows not and knows he knows not is asleep. Wake him. He who knows and knows not he knows is a child. Teach him. He who knows and knows he knows is wise. Follow him.

Wasted money

REGARDING the chip-and-seal county roads: We don't know much, but we know that chip and seal won't work. County officials thought they knew it all and they went ahead and put it down. Now they've got a heck of a mess. More taxpayer money has been wasted.

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