Speak Out 1/16/09

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cape movie

THE movie that was filmed in Cape Girardeau a few years ago called "Killshot" is coming out Jan. 23. Those of you who were in the scenes from Cape Girardeau will be sad to learn that all of the scenes with Johnny Knoxville were cut. His character was taken out of the film. Cape Girardeau's not even in the film.

Borrowing ideas

AS incredulous as it may seem, columnist David Limbaugh is borrowing ideas from Barack Obama. Limbaugh recently wrote that the best way to fix our broken economy is to reduce taxes, restore sound fiscal policies and refurbish the free market. That's exactly what Obama will do, although in a practical as opposed to a rigorous ideological way, a direction thoroughly repudiated by the voters.

Bad reporting

THE NEWS articles about testing for lead in children's' items and the needless uproar about it should have never happened. If the facts had been investigated properly in the first place, then a clarification would not have been needed. It's a perfect example of "Don't believe everything that you hear."

Thanks, MoDOT

IN response to Brad Hollerbach's semissourian.com blog "Is MoDOT being run by a kindergartener?": I love how people like to comment before they get all the info. The mile markers are for giving an exact location is you have an accident. You may appreciate it if you are in an accident. The cable was not put in the median for drainage reasons. And the comment about why work areas extend for long distances: Would you like to work with people who don't slow down? Why don't you try it and see what it is like when a car comes by at 50 mph? Write about people who don't obey the speed limits in work zones. There are husbands, dads, grandpas, moms and grandmas out there. Thanks, MoDOT, for everything you do to keep the roads safe. Some people appreciate it.

End the empire

RON Paul's call to end America's foreign empire is the most important call to action in recent history. We have reached a time when the title of superpower has became our biggest liability. Our country's economy can no longer bear the cost of a military presence in every corner of the world. Like the British Empire in the 1950s, we have to choose between our empire or total economic collapse.

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