Speak Out 11/01/04

Monday, November 1, 2004

Spending priorities

THE TOURISM tax is not paid by citizens of Cape. It is paid by overnight visitors. The money generated is supposed to be spent to encourage more overnight visitors. The committee did a very good job of organizing priorities. If folks want a water park, ice-skating rink, ski resort or poodle palace, they should try to pass a special tax. Or they could form a corporation to invest their own money in what they keep insisting would be a big financial success. But well-heeled tourists are not going to come visit Cape Girardeau, spend the night and eat at good restaurants just to use a water park.

Electronic banking

I'VE KNOWN some people who use bank overdraft protection as a personal loan service. I believe you are better off with the money coming out of your account immediately. Electronic deposits are the best way. I have two different bank accounts, and there is no waiting on those deposits.

Unnecessary delays

TO ALL of the lollygaggers traveling Highway 72: It is just that: a highway. If you can't handle the speed limit, find an alternate route. Impeding traffic is a crime. One should pull over when delaying anyone else.

Paying twice for roads

IF ONE thinks about it, the government would be stealing from all taxpaying citizens if I-70 is made a toll road. We've all paid for I-70, and expanding it is just part of the game. Missouri's interstates are horrible anyway. Should we pay twice? If you ask me, I-44 needs lane expansion more desperately than I-70.

Thanks for help

WE WOULD like to thank everyone who helped at the Oct. 8 fire and the aftermath at 19 S. Ellis in Cape Girardeau, especially the firefighters and emergency personnel. They do a terrific job.

Start from scratch

I DON'T know how this election will turn out, but I can already see where it will end up: in courtrooms all across the country. People have been screaming about voter fraud for four years now, and I don't know of one state that can say it has fixed the problem. The only way I can see it fixed is for the whole system to be scrapped and everyone in the whole country has to re-register to vote -- in person, with proper ID and proof of residence -- into a national database so you can't vote in two or more counties, much less two or more states. I know it would be extremely expensive, but it's the best solution I can think of. Assume no one is properly registered and start all over. Any other ideas?

We're doing something

I HOPE we are the ones who are paying for the AIDs victims in Africa. At least we are doing something good for the continent. If we spread that around more globally, we'd really be cooking with gas.

Show some moxie

I CERTAINLY agree with Michelle Malkin's column. Wouldn't it be wonderful if today's women would show some moxie and think for themselves? Way to go, Michelle.

God for everyone

EVER SINCE the Rev. Pat Robertson decided in 1991 that God is a radical, extreme-right Republican, we have had to listen to "Vote for my God." I am sick of this. Since when is there my God, your God, their God? Sounds like there are enough gods to start a fraternal order. The Bible says there is only one true God, and it does not specify him to be a republican. We are one nation under God, not a divided nation under multiple gods. We are all the children of one God, a true, caring, loving God.

U.N. influence

I THINK what bothers me the most about the missing explosives in Iraq is that the information supposedly came from a report released to the media by the United Nations -- an untrue and incomplete report. The information has already been debunked by NBC News. This looks like a direct attempt by U.N. members to influence our elections. We should all be up in arms and demanding that the U.N. keep it's nose out of our business.

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