Speak Out 11/02/04

Monday, November 1, 2004

Massive logistics

NOW THE New York Times and CBS want you to believe that a group of insurgents sneaked into a weapons depot and, under the very noses of our troops and President Bush, walked off with almost 380 tons of explosives. Come on, people, do the math. That's 760,000 pounds of material. If you figure each person carrying 40 pounds, that would take 19,000 people to do it in one trip. If you had an entire company of soldiers (about 120), it would take 160 trips in and out. If you figure five minutes a trip, that's 14 hours of work.

Spreading bad info

LOOKS LIKE the New York Times beat "60 Minutes" to the punch. Of course, that has not stopped the liberal media from continuing to spread the misinformation surrounding the "missing" 380 tons of high explosives. NBC, in a sudden attack of truth, reported that when its reporter imbedded with the 101st Airborne arrived at the munitions storage site in question on April 10, 2003, intending to secure the site, the munitions were already gone. CBS News was prepared to make it seem as if those explosives disappeared suddenly in the last few days

Providing wrong food

I'M READING about the half-ton man recovering from obesity surgery. It says that he was malnourished although he weighed over 1,000 pounds because so much of his diet was fat and carbohydrates. This person has been bedfast since last fall. So this has to be the fault of the person providing him food.

Make a choice

I AM sending out a sincere plea for everyone to vote on Tuesday. This election is so important to the future of this nation. I speak now to young voters especially. Take some time and research the facts on the candidates, Make your own decision. Don't rely on your parents' party affiliation or on their opinions. Form your own. As young Americans, you should have a distinct voice in the political process. This country is yours as well, and you are the ones who will inherit the choices made by the current generation. Please understand the importance of what is happening next Tuesday, and be a part of it.

Rude classmates

I AGREE that Southeast Missouri State University should set standards for their students' classroom conduct. I have seen students get offended when our professor asked them to leave because they were talking on a cell phone while he was giving a lecture. This is only the tip of the iceberg. I could go on and on about the rudeness of my fellow classmates.

Neighborhood rats

I'VE BEEN noticing that the city puts orange stickers on vehicles that sit in one spot to long. I've also noticed that they don't put these stickers on any vehicles in the 600 block of South Benton or on Pear Street. The rats run wild there too. Is this too far away for animal control? Or are rats not included in animal control? I had to go through this part of Cape Girardeau for a door-to-door survey and took a short-cut through a back yard. The yard I walked through was full of big rats. How in the world do the neighbors live with all these rats around their houses?

Incident at the park

YET ANOTHER incident happen with the Cape Girardeau Police Department. Several of us were at Capaha Park sitting on the picnic table. Out of nowhere comes a pickup that almost hit the curb. When the driver got out of the truck, he tripped over the curb. This guy, which none of us knew started talking craziness. Someone called the police. If a person over the age of 21 wants to drink, that is their life. However, when you get out on the road drunk, you are taking everyone's life into your own hands. The police drove through the park and didn't stop. Something is wrong with this picture.

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