Letter to the Editor

Commuted sentence for 2000 shooting death is not right

On Oct. 24, 2000, Michael Carey was shot to death in his home in Morley, Mo. In 2002, Carey's wife, Charity Carey, was convicted of killing her husband. Charity Carey was sentenced to 30 years in prison for murder in the second degree.

Just days before leaving office, Gov. Matt Blunt commuted Carey's 30-year-sentence to 10 years, which means she will most likely be walking the streets free sometime this year. Charity Carey has scammed the governor's office into believing she was a victim of domestic violence and the only way out was to kill her husband. As the primary investigating officer, I know this to be completely untrue. Carey could have easily gotten out of the situation and filed for a divorce like normal people do. Carey elected to plan and carry out the cold-blooded killing of her husband.

I would like to think Governor Blunt's office just didn't know all the facts before making this decision, but that is not the case. Governor Blunt's office called me and discussed the case beforehand.

On behalf of Michael Carey, who is deceased and cannot speak for himself, I would like to say that Governor Blunt has made a terrible mistake in commuting the sentence of Charity Carey. What has happened is not right.