Speak Out 1/10/09

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chaffee depot

I HEARD that the Chaffee railroad depot might close. If this is true it could really hurt Chaffee since so many from Chaffee are employed with the railroad. Layoffs have already occurred for some crews that catch the train at Chaffee. I hope city officials do everything possible to keep the Chaffee depot open.

Clean it up

THE PEOPLE of Bollinger County are never happy about taxes. We need taxes to be right where they are. We are all in this together and need to think about what it would be like to go back like it was. People who say they want to move need to get their things together and go. What they really need to concentrate on is cleaning up some of the old cars and picking up the trash in their yards. No one wants to move here and live in a junk yard. Just look around town. How awful it looks. This could be a beautiful place if only people would bend over and pick up trash and move all the old cars,

Lawful senator

IF THERE is no factual evidence that Roland Burris' appointment was any way influenced by dishonest methods, he should be seated as a U.S. senator from Illinois. Gov. Rod Blagojevich has not been impeached. He is still the governor. Under the law the seat is his to fill as he sees fit. If Burris committed no crime, it is wrong to not let him take his rightful place and get to work for the people of Illinois. God knows there's work that needs getting to.

Shameless pandering

TOBY CARRIG needs to get off this crusade calling for a Sikeston-Scott County Central basketball matchup. Carrig should leave sports activities scheduling to athletic directors and be more concerned with writing a quality sports column instead of trying to ingratiate himself with the public by shameless pandering.

Jackson burglaries

I WOULD like to thank the wonderful neighbors I have in Jackson for calling the police when my home was burglarized. What irritates me is that mine is the sixth home robbed in this area, and their has been no mention of this on the news or in the newspaper, Is there not a better way to let the public know when their is a rash of burglaries to get the public involved? I was lucky. The robber used a flashlight, and my neighbor saw the light in my home. Please warn our town of these crimes to help catch the criminals and prevent this. It is a horrible feeling knowing that someone has been through your home.

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