Speak Out 1/6/09

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Finally, 2009

MAYBE IT'S because I'm getting old, but I thought the New Year's Eve party I went to had a countdown to midnight that would never arrive. Later, I discovered it was because we had to delay the ending of 2008 by one second.

Using the money

JACKSON AND Scott County want to spend president-elect Obama's stimulus package to build recreation trails. They might want to allocate enough money for benches and tents for the unemployed who have lost their homes due to foreclosures and high unemployment. At least they would have a place to sleep.

After the stroke

I WOULD like everyone to know about a book, "My Stroke of Insight," by Jill Voltetayla. I'm probably going to have a stroke. In the back of the book are 40 things people need to know about treating a stroke patient. This woman went through it. I'm not scared of a stroke anymore, but I am afraid of not being cared for properly.

Economic fairy tale

I THINK it is funny to listen to Rush Limbaugh preaching to out-of-work Americans that they should be starting their own small businesses and that they would be playing a role in helping the economy recover. You would have to be crazy to believe that by starting a ma-and-pa store that you would be helping the economy recover. Starting a small business plays absolutely no role in the recovery of the economy. It is just one of Rush's fairy tales.

Leaves still there

MY HUSBAND worked several hours getting all of our leaves to the curb by Cape Girardeau's deadline. Needless to say, several weeks after the deadline, the leaves that haven't blown back into our yard or the yards of others are still there. I understand a delay of a few days, but a delay of weeks is ridiculous. We thought this was part of the reason we pay city taxes.

Imaginary bogeyman

THOSE STILL clinging to global-warming fanaticism should acknowledge the public's shift toward sanity after years of doomsday predictions. Low solar activity is bringing cooler temps, and people around the world are rightfully questioning the wisdom of pouring trillions of dollars into fighting the imaginary bogeyman of global warming.

Global trends

THE RECENT comment about global warming was excellent. It is indeed important to view global warming in the proper context. We all tend to compare today's weather relative to our own life experiences. However, this has nothing to do with global warming. When you look at climatic records going back thousands of years, a baseline can be established for Earth's natural warming and cooling cycles. Then we can compare the impact of humanity on the climate by measuring changes since the time of the industrial revolution against the baseline. This shows a true global event, which cannot be adequately measured by looking at an occasional snapshot of the weather in Cape Girardeau or anywhere else.

So saith we all

VERILY I say unto you, we have lived under a virtual totalitarian dictatorship of President George W. Bush for, lo, some eight years. Now cometh Sir David Limbaugh, a supporter of this most awful regime, warning commoners to beware the powers to be exercised by one Barack Obama. Commoners and serfs alike doth see Sir David's concern as cynical, contradictory and hypocritical. We have lived through the worst of times. Now cometh the best.

Missing grate

DO WE have to drive over roads with bumps, even major highways? At the railroad tracks at the Highway 34/25/72 intersection in Jackson, a grate has been missing for a year. This is irritating.

Executive authority

DAVID LIMBAUGH favored an unconstitutional imperial presidency when the chief executive was a Republican. Thus, his endorsement of criminal torturing tactics and indifference to illegal spying on U.S. citizens. Now that a Democrat will soon occupy the oval office, Limbaugh seems downright scared of an executive branch gone wild. I don't blame him. However, if the Obama administration does go overboard in exerting malevolent authority, I can promise ordinary citizens that its efforts will be directed at high-profile figures like David Limbaugh.

Original intent

STATE LAWMAKERS' efforts to divert the casino tax money that was earmarked by voters for education is exactly the reason I vote against so many initiatives. The common person is led to believe it's for a good purpose, but inevitably there are loopholes that allow some nefarious usage that trusting constituents knew nothing about when they voted. I don't vote for people who divert things. I want people in office who follow through on a sound original intent that is not covered in hidden agendas, bias, nepotism, egotism, loopholes, second thinking or palm greasing.

Local K-9 dogs

WHY DOES the Cape Girardeau Police Department think it must purchase costly German Shepard dogs for K-9 dogs? There are cities, state agencies and federal agencies that use other breeds. Some of their dogs come from animal shelters. If the police department looked at the local humane society shelter, it might find trainable K-9 dogs.

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