Family escapes Cape Girardeau afternoon house fire without serious injury

Tuesday, January 6, 2009
The Cape Girardeau Fire Department arrives at a house fire in the 500 block of North Middle St. Tuesday afternoon, January 6, 2009, in Cape Girardeau.

Firefighters battled a blaze in the 500 block of North Middle St. this afternoon.

No serious injuries were reported during the fire, which started in the upstairs attic of the residence, witnesses at the scene who did not wish to be identified said.

There were two children and three adults at home at the time the fire started just after 1:30 p.m, a female next door neighbor said.

"That's why I ran out here, I was hoping to see them to see if they were okay," said Rachael Lamb, another neighbor.

One female was treated by paramedics for smoke inhalation, but the other residents were taken inside of a nearby residence and declined to be interviewed.

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