Speak Out 1/5/09

Monday, January 5, 2009

Life of service

THE PERSON complaining about teaching doesn't understand the history of teaching. It was a service job, and school boards wouldn't hire married women because teachers were expected to give their lives to their students. My dad read me all the duties expected of teachers in those days: make sure the coal stove was fired up and sweep the school. Today's teachers have custodians, and some of them complain about grading papers at home. Teachers commit to a life of service. You're giving more of yourself when you become a teacher.

A fair plan

THE FAIRTAX plan is exactly that: fair. It would be fair to those who have incomes below average. But it would also be fair to those Americans who are working hard and trying to succeed. Critics of the plan generally do not understand it. Before criticizing the FairTax plan, read the book by John Linder and Neal Boortz. After you understand the plan, I am convinced that the vast majority of Americans would support it out of a sense of justice.

What? Me worry?

I'D LIKE to address the 2012 end times predictions. There is only one being who knows when the world will end, and the ones making these predictions are not God. Besides, if 2012 is really when the end comes, there is clearly nothing we can do about it. So why worry?

Cost differences

IT IS no wonder people can't afford health insurance. My father and I had to have the same procedure done within two months of each other. His charges were billed through Medicare and mine through my insurance obtained through my place of employment. His doctor's bill was at least $1,500 to $2,000 cheaper than mine, and my insurance company was also billed roughly $8,000 from the hospital that my father wasn't billed for -- and we had the exact same procedures.

Murderous thoughts

MAY I add one more comment on the barking dogs? If you have never lived next door to a dog that barks day and night, you have no idea what it's like. You lie awake at night thinking of all the ways to put a stop to it. It amazes me that the dogs' owners never seem to hear them. Maybe it gives them a sense of security to think a mutt is in charge. Don't they realize that a burglar could loot the whole neighborhood and no one would think anything of it because the barking never stops? Don't misunderstand. I love dogs. I have one of my own and would never allow her to disturb my neighbors. Before I pass judgment on the man who poisoned his neighbor's dog, I think of the nights I have lain awake with murderous thoughts in my head. Please, dog owners, have a little consideration.

TV impasse

I SEE a bunch of multibillion-dollar channels may go off the air. Poor world. No Sponge cartoon. No raunchy videos. What are we to do? And they say they won't budge to save the consumer a few cents a month. I suppose they think I believe they care about the consumer rather than their bank accounts.

Touched by a hug

I READ the comment from someone who had been touched by a hug. If that happened in Walgreen's at the card counter a couple of days before Christmas, I am the woman who God used. And thank you for your kindness. I pray every day that God will direct me to someone that he might be glorified. God bless you, sir, in every area of your need. Also remember that God in greater than any problem that we face.

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