Oran native Amber Seyer lands spot in Super Bowl TV ad

Monday, January 5, 2009
Photo courtesy VISION Los Angeles
Oran native Amber Seyer, 22, who lives in Los Angeles, recently shot a commercial slated to air during Super Bowl XLIII Feb. 1 on NBC.

ORAN, Mo. -- Oran native Amber Seyer has competed for the Miss USA title and appeared in numerous national print advertisements. Now the 22-year-old model will star in a national television commercial slated to run during the Super Bowl next month.

Seyer said she can't tell every detail about the commercial. She did say that during the shoot, she had to pour 30 bottles of sports drinks on herself in 40-degree weather.

"It's very racy for the Super Bowl and extremely racy for PowerAde," Seyer said during a phone interview Friday from her parents' home in Oran. Seyer was in town visiting her family for the holidays.

"It was a risky commercial for PowerAde, and I can't say that my dad's really gonna enjoy it, but, hopefully, 95 percent of the male population will enjoy watching it," she said.

Since representing Missouri in the 2007 Miss USA Pageant where she placed 10th overall, Seyer has lived in Los Angeles where she works full-time as a model.

Seyer said she doesn't know the time slot the commercial will appear, but it's slated to run sometime during the broadcast of Super Bowl XLIII, which airs at 5 p.m. Feb. 1 on NBC.

Seyer shot the television commercial Dec. 19 in Irwindale, Calif.

"It was pretty cool, and we had a great day," Seyer said about the shoot. "I have never had to be so sexy and so miserable at the same [time]."

Her favorite part of the shoot was the elderly security guard at the park who ended up being cast in the commercial, Seyer said.

"He was sitting there and telling all these ladies, 'Wow, you sure are a beauty,' and things like that. ... He was like a grandpa -- so cute and funny," Seyer said.

Because of his charm, a part was added just for him.

"We became buddies on set. He was so humble and sweet and funny. He reminded me of someone from Missouri, and he was a good guy," Seyer said of the man.

Seyer said she goes on casting calls daily in L.A.

Internet users likely recognize Seyer from the "Earn a Degree" online advertisement. She also is an infomercial for the make-up brand Bare Escentuals.

"I'm modeling full-time and dabble in the acting industry, and commercials are getting me there," Seyer said.

Seyer, who has turned down offers to work in Japan and Europe, has also modeled for catalogs, clothing companies and brands like J Brand jeans, Joe's Jeans and Ed Hardy. She has done a lot of runway modeling, and on Wednesday, she will meet with agents from San Francisco, Germany, and Miami.

"I'm very happy in L.A., and I didn't realize I could be happy in a city atmosphere," said Seyer, who lives in an apartment with her two dogs.

She said the only downside to living in L.A. is she's been desensitized to celebrities. She has been in the same video rental store as Ryan Seacrest and been to dinner with actors Owen Wilson and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Seyer compared the commonality of seeing celebrities in L.A. to that of visiting characters at Disneyland, only to see them take off their masks.

"It kind of takes the magic away," she said.

Just being able to work full-time in her profession, especially in the midst of a recession, makes her feel extremely blessed, Seyer said.

"As far as a my career industry, it's not the greatest time for it, but work keeps coming for me," Seyer said. "I'm happy where I'm at, and for now, I'm going to stay in L.A."

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