Speak Out 1/3/09

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bad drivers

THE OTHER day I was headed home from work, and my car was almost hit in the side by a car driven by a woman who was distracted with her children and didn't realize she had a red light. People are distracted by a lot of things while driving. I've even seen motorists staring into a store or house on the side of the road instead of watching what was going on ahead and behind them. I hate driving in Cape Girardeau because 80 percent of the people driving shouldn't be. They don't yield to oncoming traffic. They don't stop at stop signs before turning onto a busy street. Or they wait until you are close to them and then turn onto the street. Bad drivers are bad drivers. Too bad there are more of them than good ones.

Weather travel

REGARDING THE comment that holiday travelers should pay more attention to weather forecasts: Most travelers make travel plans months in advance. If local weather forecasters cannot predict the weather correctly a few days in advance, how can you expect people to know exactly when bad weather will hit months in advance? In winter, you make plans and hope for the best or you stay home.

Great trail

YESTERDAY THE weather was so delightful, so I rode my bicycle on the Cape La¿Croix Recreation Trail. There were beautiful people wearing smiles from all walks of life, old and young. It is so nice to have such a trail that goes right through the middle of the city. I am anxious for the city to begin the extension of the trail to Cape County Park and Conservation Campus, going through the beautiful Walden Park neighborhood. For any of you who don't frequent this trail, you should consider doing so. Cape Girardeau is fortunate to have it. It is safe, and it's wonderful for exercise. Seeing something positive in our lives during the day is a refreshing change from the doom-and-gloom news while sitting on the couch.

Traffic concerns

REGARDING THE bad driving habits of motorists in Cape Girardeau: During the most recent ice storm it took me 50 minutes to drive home, which is about four miles. I saw vehicles in the middle of intersections not allowing cross traffic and making things worse. Why does the Cape Girardeau Police Department target the high school when it could make even more money ticketing adults? Every stoplight in town has motorists who run through yellow and sometimes red lights almost every time I'm there. I fear for my life when people do not pay attention at intersections. This city would make so much revenue if it would invest in traffic cameras.

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