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Friday, January 2, 2009

More money needed for highway improvements

It's a call that's been made by the head of the Missouri Department of Transportation in recent weeks — the state needs to allocate more money to make the repairs and improvements our transportation system needs.

Today at the First Friday Coffee meeting of local business people, the regional head of MoDOT in Southeast Missouri echoed that call, talking about projects that need more funding, including some in Southeast Missouri.

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The bad news about budget cuts

The Missouri budget picture looks rather unhealthy, and state agencies are reporting the consequences of cutting the budget could close down academic programs, veterans homes, sheltered workshops and have various other negative effects.

The Associated Press reported today on the scenarios laid out by state agencies if budget cuts reach the possible 15 to 25 percent level.

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And if that news wasn't bad enough, a recent survey indicated that the recession in our region will likely get worse before it gets better. Many employers in Missouri are dealing with this bad economy while having to raise the minimum wage for their employees, creating a double money crunch.

New Year's first baby

In case you missed it, this morning we published a photo of the first baby of the new year born in Cape Girardeau. Click here to see the photo and learn a little about the family.

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Come back to on Saturday for a story on regulations the city is considering to further define how many unrelated people can live in one house and where they can do so and a story previewing a rather busy first meeting of the year for the county commission.

Sunday we'll have stories on the restructuring happening in the Cape Girardeau Police Department, the boom in business for local car parts and repair shops and a look at Jackson's proposed comprehensive plan.

Monday look for a Q&A with new county commissioner Paul Koeper and a preview of events that will celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday and national holiday in Cape Girardeau.

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