Restaurant recommends: Burritoville 1/2/09

Friday, January 2, 2009

Burritoville is an unpretentious, starkly honest little place that — as it's name suggests — serves mostly burritos. Their claim to fame is their willingness to stick anything in a tortilla. They've got a cheeseburger burrito and have had several oddities grace the menu. As manager Kris Baranovic puts it, "For those more daring, if it can fit into a tortilla, we'll roll it into a burrito."

You'll know the place by the quips on the marquee outside. If you only go once, Baranovic insists you get the following.

The Drink

Sweet Tea: The tea we serve is grown on an isolated island nestled near the Galapagos. A very nice man with a moustache hand selects the leaves, which are then processed by an ugly machine and sent via carrier pidgeon or next-day air, whichever is faster at the time.

The Appetizer

Fry with Cheese: A quick recipe for awesome: Fried potatoes and a bowl of white nacho cheese. Accept no substitutes.

The Entree

Chicken burrito: While this is a contentious category, the chicken burrito is the staple of our menu. Refried beans, mozzarella cheese, sour cream, lettuce, tomato and diced chicken breast wrapped in a flour tortilla easily make this entree the bus driver to coma town.

The Dessert

Funnel cakes: They come in frozen. We fry 'em up, coat 'em in powdered sugar and toss it on a plate. We are the pinnacle of advanced eating.

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