Letter to the Editor

Debunkers use discredited data

Friday, January 2, 2009

To the editor:

Folks sometimes cling dogmatically to opinions even when facing powerful contrary evidence. U.S. Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., decided that global warming was a myth many years ago and steadfastly maintains that view even as polar ice caps melt, cold hardiness zones move north, and the data become overwhelming. From his ranking minority membership on the Senate Public Works Committee, Inhofe continues the lies, distortions and deceptions. Inhofe repeats and legitimizes the commentaries of those who voice opinions he champions that undermine public acceptance of the scientific consensus and the need for urgent action. The discredited arguments of maybe 12 scientific naysayers that have not been published in the peer-reviewed relevant scientific literature are repeated and publicized.

Inhofe annually releases the lie that hundreds of scientists question the scientific consensus on climate change. Unsurprisingly, his Web page (not a minority report) is promoted by individuals, media and institutions that wish -- for various reasons -- to promote the concocted lack of scientific consensus. Columnist Walter Williams (Southeast Missourian, Dec. 27), with his own political agenda, is one such promoter.

The laughable list of "scientists" Williams touts includes folks such as economists, mathematicians and TV weathermen totally lacking credentials in any science, much less atmospheric or climate science, along with some who demand their names be removed because of misrepresentation.

Williams' argument combines ignorance with smoke-and-mirrors illusions. This is only a political issue if one party thinks we should retain a planet capable of sustaining life as we know it while the other does not.

ALAN R.P. JOURNET, Co-Facilitator, Southeast Missouri Climate Protection Initiative, Cape Girardeau