Bugsy's Celebration of Rescue

Saturday, December 27, 2008
Bugsy all dressed up and ready to go home.

The second Celebration of Rescue for Pit Bulls was held last weekend at Petco in Cape Girardeau. The event was hosted by the final dog rescued in the Old Appleton seizure, Bugsy. Bugsy hosted this event alone because he was the only Pit Bull with a handler that had a temperature of less than 100 degrees. He handled his responsibilities like the true champion that he is.

Anyone that braved the cold to come out to visit, can attest to the fact that Bugsy is a remarkable boy. Until September his whole life had been spent chained to a tree with very little human contact and none of the basic comforts like food or shelter. In three months he has proven to be gentle enough to take treats from even the smallest of fingers. He thrives on performing for an audience. He can be taught anything you want to take the time to teach him. He was nothing less than spectacular to watch in his first public appearance.

Bugsy was the last to come out of foster care. He had the most severe dermititus of all the dogs in that seizure. He still wears the scars of his neglect on his ears, but the rest of his coat is sleek and healthy. He is already neutered, up to date on his shots and heartworm negative. The only thing this boy lacks now is a forever home.

He will make a wonderful addition to a family. He loves children of all ages and is social with other animals. He likes to play with his toys and enjoys energetic activities. He is a born performer. This boy will never be described as boring.

You can meet Bugsy at the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri, 2536 Boutin Drive in Cape Girardeau. For more information please contact the shelter at 573-334-5837 or email me at mscoy@netzero.net.

On behalf of Bugsy and all the Pit Bulls that found loving, forever homes this year, we wish you the very best in the coming new year!

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