Letter to the Editor

Welcome to public high school

Monday, October 25, 2004

To the editor:

Regarding the comment on Central High School's problems: I am a junior at CHS, and I don't participate in any sports activities, much less attend them. But I can safely assure you that we have a good principal in position. Dr. Mike Cowan is a great motivator and has great dedication, such as memorizing everyone's name in the school. All he ever wants is the best for CHS.

The fall sports assembly went like it always does. It's a time for us to cheer if we want too or boo if we want to. You have to remember these are the rotten kids you always read about. People booed the teams because some of them weren't doing so well. That sounds mean, but welcome to public high school.

Coach Darrick Smith, the athletic director, was duct-taped to the wall to raise money for United Way, and Cowan was out that day, so they didn't stand idly by. As far as disrespect among students goes, let's face it. Some people are out to cause problems, and it's called sticking up for yourself and trying to survive in the jungle.

BEN GOLDEN, Cape Girardeau