Speak Out 12/26/08

Friday, December 26, 2008

Police presence

I HAVE noticed over the past few months an increased police presence in the area between Mount Auburn Road, Independence Street and Rodney Drive and wanted to thank the Cape Girardeau Police Department for its attention. I feel safer and have seen firsthand that things are beginning to quiet down. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

Emergency warning

ENOUGH IS enough. I would like to explain something to police officers. I know that sometimes you need to respond to a call without lights or sirens, but if you are traveling at a high rate of speed without your warning devices in operation, you could be liable for the accident you cause from speeding through traffic. I can't yield to an emergency vehicle if I can't see it coming.

Making contact

I WANT to tell Joe Sullivan how much I enjoyed his critique of cell phones, but I can't decide whether to call or text him while I'm driving.

Make a difference

I CAN'T believe that we have people in the United States who are more concerned about money and have the thought process that drugs are not a crime we should be concerned about. The reality is we are killing each other, and for what? A few dollars? Wake up. We make comments about the police department and what it should be doing, What are you doing to make a difference? Stop accepting these wrongdoings and become a solution to the problems we are facing. I say to the officers: Keep doing what you do, and I will keep you in prayer. I'm serving in Iraq and am sad to read about this, but I am even more sad to read the comments that are made about it. There is nothing positive. Hold on to what you believe in and don't worry what people think. God put you there for a reason.

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