Letter to the Editor

Cape's speed-trap reputation

Sunday, October 24, 2004

To the editor:

Recently I had an interesting experience while visiting St. Louis that I felt needed to be shared with the residents and leaders of Cape Girardeau. This event transpired as I was riding the tram from the top of the Gateway Arch. Another passenger began asking me directions to various points in the city, and it was obvious he was a visitor.

After giving him directions to the best of my ability, I asked him where he was from and what brought him to the St. Louis area. He responded that he was just getting away for the weekend from Memphis, Tenn.

His wife then asked me where I was from. I replied I was from Cape Girardeau. The husband then responded, "Oh, Cape Girardeau. You really have to slow down there. The city police really like to sit on the interstate." I began to laugh and agreed with his assessment of the problem. What I thought was interesting was the disdain with which he talked about Cape Girardeau. It was almost as though he was saying subconsciously, "Cape Girardeau? That speed trap? I'm not visiting there."

I'm not trying to debate the speed limit laws here, but the incident causes me, and should cause others, to wonder about something. How many people have decided to avoid Cape Girardeau because of the heavy city police presence on Interstate 55?