Letter to the Editor

Kerry plan would cost jobs

Saturday, October 23, 2004

To the editor:

Since Sen. John Kerry is blaming the president for the large job loss in America, where does the blame actually lie? Under President Clinton, there were many tens of thousands who lost their jobs, many due to corporate downsizing -- not to mention the tumble the stock market took six months prior to Clinton's leaving office. I don't hear any blame on Clinton.

Since George Bush came to office, not only is there still corporate downsizing, but terrorists on 9-11 snowballed a cascade of job losses in airlines and tourism. Job loss is not always a reflection on any president.

Kerry says if he's elected he'll push for Americans to purchase prescription drugs from Canada. If this is done, it will mean the loss of tens of thousands of pharmaceutical and other jobs in America. And if the minimum wage is pushed to $7 an hour, as Kerry would do, you can count on more job terminations.

Kerry doesn't make sense, and he hasn't convinced me of stable leadership.

MARK RAMSEY, Cape Girardeau