Speak Out 12/21/08

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mistreated president

I THINK the Iraqi shoe thrower should be jailed and fined. All those protesters who were in the street could pitch in and help if they want to pay the fine. But I don't think our president should be mistreated and have a shoe thrown at him. It's just not called for.

Clearing the ice

I WANTED to commend the Cape Girardeau street and road team. As usual, they have kept us all safe with their hard work. I would also like to thank the maintenance and caregivers of the parking lots and walkways. People have to be coming in and out, and crews have been working hard at making those areas as safe as possible as well. We want to thank you.

Important job

I WANT to thank the man who gave up his 13-year job as a concrete mixer driver after being laid off last summer. I thank him for swallowing his pride and finding joy on the open road and meeting commercial as well as residential clients and always having a doggy biscuit in his pocket for his four-legged clients. I thank him for bringing home better pay and outstanding benefits and making our lives better. I'm thankful that he comes home safely every day after working with a trash truck and dangerous blade and heavy containers even if he has to head straight for the shower after being slopped by the trash. You provide a service no human would want to be without, and I'm so proud of you, Sam.

No voting test

I RESENT someone like Michael Jensen who thinks it's OK to take someone's right away by saying they shouldn't be allowed to vote and there should be a test for voters. No, there shouldn't. There are certain God-given rights. One of them is our right to vote that's been fought for. It doesn't say much about our public school system. Most voters went through the public school system, and they can't mark a ballot? I get tired of people saying there should be a test for this and that.

Mistreated animals

I JUST heard that police have arrested the person who poisoned that poor dog last month. I want to thank God that the police did something about it. That's great for the Cape Girardeau Police Department. I live in Jackson and have animals myself. To think that somebody would cruelly and viciously hurt an animal like that and take matters into their own hands is appalling. This should not be tolerated. I hope other people think about this before they cruelly mistreat animals.

Seasonal good cheer

WHY DURING December does everyone gets a good dose of religion and then, during the other 11 months of the year, treat their fellow man like crap? Please enlighten me.

Give up the raises

WE'RE LOSING our jobs and homes. City and county employees should all forgo their raises out of courtesy and respect until we all get back on our feet.

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