Everybody's a critic - 'Shall We Dance'

Friday, October 22, 2004

Three stars (out of four)

To dance or not to dance. This is the question for John Clark (Richard Gere).

Clark is a corporate executive stuck in the rut of life -- a beautiful wife and family, a big house in the suburbs and a great job.

He feels he is missing something until one day he takes a chance and takes dance lessons with a beautiful dance instructor played by Jennifer Lopez, which leads his wife, Beverly (Susan Sarandon), to suspect that he is having an affair.

"Shall We Dance" is a light comedy with dancing and rekindling of love and relationships. I am giving this movie three out of four stars, but most women will probably give this movie four stars just because Richard Gere is in it. And yes, he can dance.

- Geoff Schaefer


Two stars (out of four)

"Shall We Dance" is a movie about a proper Chicago businessman who decides to spice up his life by sneaking out for dance lessons at a local ballroom dance school. Entertaining and superficially funny, "Shall We Dance" is an average movie.

I have not seen the original movie this one is based upon, but I can see how this story would work better in Japan where the intimacy required for ballroom dancing is considered indecent. The screenwriter obviously overlooked this cultural difference, so the movie's intended connotation is lost.

Jennifer Lopez delivers another horrible performance, but the dance scenes are pleasant to watch and are well done. Susan Sarandon glowed even though her character was not well developed, yet another screenwriting fault.

The music by Gotan Project was just amazing and was my favorite part of the film.

All in all, the movie is entertaining and will suffice for an enjoyable evening. But do not expect anything more from it.

- Bajon Radojcic, student


Four stars (out of four)

"Shall We Dance" is a high-spirited movie with wonderful and well-choreographed dancing, and I found myself relating to the movie's protagonist, wanting to add more happiness to his life.

The protagonist, John (Richard Gere), starts taking dance lessons so he can bring some enjoyment into his dull existence, but he takes them behind his wife's (Susan Sarandon) back and she thinks he might be cheating on her.

This movie is a lovely romantic comedy that rates high in my book as a good movie that even children would probably enjoy.

- Tiffany Munroe, homemaker

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