Speak Out 10/22/04

Friday, October 22, 2004

Not in Confederacy

IN RESPECT to the person who feels he can show patriotism by flying the Confederate flag because the Civil War was fought for states' rights: For southerners, I'd like to remind them that Missouri was never part of the Confederacy because it never seceded from the union. The Confederate flag never flew in Missouri.

Divisive pride

I'VE NEVER seen an individual so proud of their sexual orientation that he would rather divide a church denomination than take a step back and honor God by refusing to be used as an instrument to destroy. If this is the type of heroes the homosexual community has, it speaks greater volumes than you think. And that is nothing to be proud of.

Adult cell research

PERHAPS ALL these famous people who are endorsing the cell research that is killing babies -- called embryo cell research -- would be willing to donate all of their embryos so that other babies would be safe and the world would be free from their mentality when it is proved to be worthless compared to adult cell research. I don't need Nancy Reagan or Arnold telling me they support it. The evidence I have read says that the adult research is worth the time and investment. And it doesn't kill anyone.

For future generations

NO ONE welcomes high taxes. That said, I believe it is imperative that voters approve the matter before them concerning the Jackson schools. Some may be skeptical and question spending priorities in the Jackson School District. Nonetheless, the cost spent per pupil is appallingly low. Do we want to settle for substandard schools for our children? There are times when communities step forward to improve situations for generations to come. This is one such time.

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