Speak Out 12/10/08

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Part of the problem

WHAT CONGRESS doesn't seem to understand about the auto industry's problems is that Congress, along with the heavy burden of labor unions, are a major part of the problem. CAFE standards, emissions and other government meddling are finally catching up to our once great auto industry. If Congress wants to help, it should get off the auto industry's back.

Resignation time

DEMOCRAT BANKING Committee chairman Chris Dodd has called for the resignation of GM's executive officer Rick Wagoner in exchange for giving GM bailout money. Shouldn't Dodd also resign for his role in the Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac disaster, which he enabled? Also, what was his punishment for taking a sweetheart deal from Countrywide Mortgage? Dodd should resign in humiliation on his way to prison, but instead he has the nerve to chastise Wagoner, who is trying to save GM during a recession that Dodd helped create.

Tone it down

I'VE BEEN reading about the people who are upset with what they're seeing at theaters. For years, Hollywood movies were censored, and you never heard cuss words or saw illicit acts. But we enjoyed the movies. Now, because of the language, you don't let your children go to the movies by themselves. Hollywood did all right with censorship. I don't know why plays have to make statements all the time. The theater and movies should be entertainment. Comedy today is full of cuss words. Bob Hope and a few others did comedy and kept us in stitches. They did not use one word that was bad. I think we need to tone everything down.

Paper protection

WITH THE cold and flu season here and everyone talking about washing your hands, I want to remind you that you should use a paper towel to turn off the water after you wash your hands and to open the bathroom door to exit. That keeps all the germs from getting right back on your hands.

No sympathy

IT'S HARD for us common people to feel sorry for the automobile companies who don't have a clue what's going on in the real world. They put all these gadgets on automobiles that we don't need. It's just raising the price. I had to have a key made for my van, and it cost $162. That's ridiculous. The only people I feel sorry for is the workers. They're ones who are really getting it stuck to them.

Saving oil

WITH A tight economy and high energy costs, I think our government should take a look at more intersections with roundabouts and replace more stop signs with yield signs. This could translate to millions of barrels of oil saved every year.

Smelly food

I'VE BEEN driving through a fast-food restaurant where there are two employees who stand outside smoking and then go inside to handle food. When you get your food, it smells like nicotine. I don't think that's right.

Slow down

I WANT to weigh in on Bollinger County roads. I'm getting tired of hearing about how dangerous they are. I raised three teenagers in Bollinger County. Every time they went to Cape Girardeau or Jackson, we always said, "Be careful. You know these roads are curvy. And slow down." We never had any problems. I'm now telling my grandchildren the same thing. I'm tired of people blaming the roads for all of these wrecks these children are having. They are speeding.

No reward for CEOs

I'M WAITING to see if Barack Obama understands that to get ourselves out of this economic mess we're in, we're going to have to create jobs. Nothing else is going to work. If we don't have jobs, we don't have money. If we don't have money, we can't spend money. Let's quit bailing out CEOs of car companies who have turned in bad performances. If our children don't do a good job, we don't reward them. So let's not reward these CEOs.

Try church

A COMMENT said people go to the movies when times get tough. I would suggest going to church. It doesn't cost you money, and it sure makes me feel better.

Wait and see

I'M GETTING tired of these die-hard conservatives making these dire predictions about how terrible life will be under the new president. We've watched for eight years as our country went to pieces. Now it's our turn. We chose a different president. Let's see what happens.

Hutson's window

I WANT to thank Hutson's Fine Furniture for their Americana-themed window display. It has been a tradition for many years to view the display. This display is one of my favorites. I encourage everyone to view the display. Thanks again for all the work that is necessary for this Christmas display.

Why listen?

WHY DO liberals constantly gripe about David Limbaugh's comments in the Southeast Missourian? Or Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity on talk radio? Is it because the truth hurts? If you hate these conservatives, why listen? Why read their column? They have a right to their opinions.

Yearly raise

WHY IS it the people who work for the government think because we're starting a new year that they're entitled to a raise? With things looking like they are now, the city employees should be thankful they've got a job. Things could get a heck of a lot worse in the next couple of years. Quit asking for a raise every time the calendar starts over.

U.S. tax haven

THE WHOLE income-tax system needs to be scrapped and replaced with the FairTax. The United States would be the tax haven of the world.

History's view

WHO WOULD have thought? Future historians will see the creation of a car czar coming at the tail end of the Bush administration as the best metaphor for the death of free-market capitalism in the United States and the re-emergence of thought-to-be-dead Soviet-style centralized planning.

Cape County Park

MY FAMILY and I enjoyed the wonderful displays and memorials at Cape County Park. It is a tradition for us to cruise through festive displays. Thank you to all of those who take the time and energy to brighten up our Christmas spirits. We hope you all have a happy and safe holiday.

Jackson utilities

A YEAR or so ago Jackson's electric rate went up 36 percent in three 12 percent increments. My parents live in Scott County. After the increase, their bill for the same consumption was $150 while ours was $225. I attended the board of aldermen meeting discussing the increase, and it was obvious the aldermen had already decided what they were going to do.

Taking control

WE'RE CONTINUING to press for cart-sanitizing machines in area grocery stores because this is one issue over which we may amass the political power to bring about change for the better concerning the health of young and old. Other issues such as the financial meltdown and recession have left us with a feeling of helplessness, since no one seems to understand what caused these crises or what to do about them. We need to re-establish some semblance of control over our lives. The push for machines guaranteeing sanitary shopping carts in grocery stores is as good a place as any to begin.

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