Plenty of deer

Monday, December 8, 2008

Hunters during the regular firearms season this year killed more deer than last year. Statewide, the total number of deer killed was down. The one-week muzzleloader season ended Sunday, and the archery season that opened Nov. 26 will continue until Jan. 15.

You don't need to be a deer hunter to be aware of the large number of deer in this area. Almost anyone who is out at night is likely to see a deer or two -- or 25 -- even in yards in built-up city neighborhoods.

There is good reason for concern, especially during the mating season. Deer are dangerous road hazards. Running into a deer on the highway, or having one run into your vehicle, can cause thousands of dollars of damage and sometimes results in serious accidents and injuries.

Many motorists take the deer danger into account when they make travel plans. Avoiding night travel is the most obvious -- and safest -- choice.

Stay alert. Anticipating the possibility that a deer might dart into the path of the vehicle you're driving is and important way to protect yourself.

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