Speak Out 12/8/08

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bailout warning

VARIATION OF Karl Marx's clarion call: Workers of the world, do not unite. You have everything to lose if you do, including a government bailout.

Catch-22 aid

THE ONLY thing the bailout money has helped consumers with, since we are all losing our jobs, homes and vehicles, is there's more money in the food stamp programs. But without a job we can't afford a home. If you don't have a home you can't get food stamps. What a government.

Gun rights

NEW YORK has a law that prevents citizens from possessing a gun in clear violation of the Second Amendment. Now these liberals want to put Burress in jail for up to 10 years just for possessing a concealed handgun without a permit. The NRA would not let these liberal permit laws go unchallenged under other circumstances. Now is the time for the NRA to protect the rights of all Americans.

Bipartisan good will

WHILE CONSERVATIVES en masse praise president-elect Barack Obama for his appointments to date, David Limbaugh refuses to accept the coming bipartisan unity of our nation. Of course, it's understandable why he takes that line. If we did enter an era of bipartisan good will, Limbaugh would be marginalized and rendered irrelevant, something some say has already happened.

Shopping carts

ANYONE WHO has ever gone shopping with a 2-year-old who claims he is a "big boy" now -- because this is what I have taught him through giving up the bottle, potty training and not having tantrums -- understands how my 2-year-old can negotiate riding in the basket of the shopping cart rather than where the "babies" sit. I understand the dangers, but if I insist my child stay seated he is in no danger. The only danger is my groceries getting squashed, and that's my problem. The other option is to let him walk, and I can't do this because then he is in danger of getting run over by other shoppers who act like the store is a marathon. As for the sanitary issue, all of the groceries I buy are wrapped and boxed. I find it hard to believe that in this day and age my fellow Missourians have nothing better to gripe about than this.

No persecution

How, precisely, are Christians being persecuted? We aren't. I'm a Christian. The only thing threatening me is the closed-mindedness and sense of entitlement most Christians seem to carry. What would Jesus do? He'd stop complaining and instill courage with the light of his teachings.

A fair doctrine

THE FAIRNESS Doctrine for broadcasters sounds like a good thing. Yes, we have the choice of turning off the radio or TV, but we might want an alternative view. I'm sure the public's ready for a change there. It's fun to see that Barack Obama won despite those on the air who worked so hard against him.

Thanks for bracelet

I WANT to thank the Rhodes 101 customer who found my gold and diamond bracelet and gave it to a store employees. Your honesty was greatly appreciated.

Sinkhole lessons

All the hype about the economy reminds me of the hype in Cape Girardeau a few months ago when the sinkholes appeared. Action was taken to protect roads, railroads and businesses. Now we don't give sinkholes another thought, even though they could reappear. Does any of this sound familiar?

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