Out of the past 12/8/08

Monday, December 8, 2008

25 years ago: Dec. 8, 1983

It is announced that Bob Smith, currently the offensive line coach at the University of Illinois, will assume the head football coaching position at Southeast Missouri State University.

City manager Gary A. Eide upholds the eligibility of a Cape Girardeau City Council candidate; the question of eligibility of candidate Gary Schreiner, 626 Woodbine St., arose earlier this week and centered on whether the Southeast Missouri State University professor met the residency requirement under the city's charter form of government.

50 years ago: Dec. 8, 1958

The West Hubble Creek bridge, crossing the creek to connect West Washington and Camp streets, was dedicated Saturday afternoon in Jackson; the brief, cold ceremony featured the arrival of Santa Claus to officially open the Christmas shopping season.

A firm policy prohibiting the use of Cape Girardeau's fire-fighting equipment on fires outside the city limits, except in cases of major conflagrations in cities with which there is a mutual assistance agreement, is declared by the Cape Girardeau City Council.

75 years ago: Dec. 8, 1933

An apportionment of $20,611.05 of Civil Works Administration funds has been made to the Teachers College to cover the cost of materials and labor used in eight construction projects, including converting the men's gymnasium at Academic Hall into a swimming pool for all students.

One thousand people filled State College auditorium last night to hear Billy Sunday tell the lessons learned from Solomon; his sermon described sin of bygone days and vice of today.

100 years ago: Dec. 8, 1908

Last evening, several crack marksmen went out to the farm of August Kurre at the old toll gate to participate in a shooting match; the men blazed away at a target lit by a huge bonfire; Wesley Hopper of West End Boulevard showed his proficiency by winning first choice and bringing home one of the hind quarters of beef.

In order to stop the further spread of smallpox in Cape Girardeau, the board of health has ordered all pupils of the public schools to be vaccinated at once.

-— Sharon K. Sanders

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