Speak Out 12/6/08

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Not much change

WHEN BARACK Obama was running for president, all you heard was change, change, change. George Wallace said in 1968, "Ain't a dime's worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans." How true.

Taking control

THE COMMENT that people go to the movies when times are tough doesn't show that there's a shortage of funds. That shows there's a matter of priorities. If people have money to go to movies, they have money for the things they really need in life. People need to shape up their own lives instead of wanting someone else to help shape them up. They need to be more accountable for their own actions.

Speeding teachers

I WISH the Jackson police would patrol around Jackson Junior High School and West Lane Elementary School in the mornings when the teachers are arriving. I go to work at a time that a lot of the teachers are going to the junior high. It's ridiculous how they ignore the speed zones. One of the teachers passed me one morning, and I was going the speed limit.

Out of the past

I'VE BEEN hearing a lot of people talk about Barack Obama getting a lot of the Hillary Clinton people that were in her campaign. The reason why he's doing this is because he never had a plan. He's getting people from the past. So this is the change he was talking about.

Great football team

CONGRATULATIONS to the Jackson football boys. It was great of them to be able to go as far as they went for the playoffs. Even though they didn't make it to the state championship, we are proud of them. Way to go, boys.

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