Letter to the Editor

Kerry unqualified for presidency

Saturday, October 16, 2004

To the editor:

The unearned should not go to the undeserving. John Kerry may be a skilled talker; however, he is damaged goods when it comes to being qualified for president. His 19 years in the Senate are not only unproductive, they are notorious for his many votes against defense and intelligence, two areas where strengths are crucial to our nation. Further, there hasn't been a tax bill he hasn't supported. In fact, Kerry is not blowing smoke about 2.2 trillion dollars worth of extra spending he promises to push (That's trillion with a "t"). It would mean an unbearable tax burden on the workforce, all of the workforce.

Then, there is his short four months in Vietnam over 30 years ago, still relevant now as he bases his qualifications for president on that experience. It required three Purple Heart wounds to qualify to leave the war zone. Two of his three were "accidentally self-inflicted." Both of his bronze medals were over-rewarded. His silver medal? Well, he wrote his own situation report. It included enemy fire, while Swift Boat veterans say there was none. In fact, a book has been published outlining why John Kerry is unfit for command. He is a loose cannon and a liar. Finally, while an inactive reservist, he had the supreme gall to go to Paris and "negotiate" with the enemy.

H. LEE BROWN, Cape Girardeau