Letter to the Editor

Marquette memories still remain

Saturday, October 16, 2004

To the editor:

Memories are such a vital part of life. Hold to them. That is what I intend to do. The bridge across the river provides many special and cherished memories.

Endless are thoughts also of the Marquette Hotel that will not be lost.

I am among those who hold to favorite memories of the Marquette Hotel. Warm thoughts entered my mind each time I passed. The dining area with the delicious food has yet to be surpassed. The dignity of those who served it is yet to be equaled.

Friendliness greeted each person who entered, without fail. Will there be another dining area? Time will tell.

The days spent with a group of talented young artists at the Marquette Hotel will hold dear memories for me. Since a number of distinguished people and noted artists were at one time residents of the Marquette Hotel, memories of that, I am sure, will live on.

Its enthusiasm builds, improvements continue.

The new Marquette Towers now stands supreme in beauty, dignity and wealth of knowledge. It always wil. Don't you think?

PAULA E. KEMPE, Cape Girardeau