Teen Fusion

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Center stage Josh Dohogne with RMC band (background)during worship

Teen Fusion was held at Grace Fellowship Family Worship Center 4 miles east of Marble Hill on Nov 22. It began with music from the R.M.C. Band from Rockford Ill Masters Commission. Teen Challange was on stage with a human video along with the teen youth group from Harmony Church. Both human videos gave the message of how God created us to have fellowship with Him and how Satan can come into our lives and and lead us to paths of destruction, but how God calls us back into fellowship with Him. The band returned to the stage for an evening of worship music. Josh Dohogne from Plano Illinois and also a graduate from the Rockford Masters Commission was the speaker for the evening. Josh gave the teens his testimony from his high school days of addictions and an automobile accident that left him near dead with a prognosis of never functioning again as he once had. But God had a different plan and today Josh shows little to no signs of the traumatic brain injuries that he suffered and how he realized that God had indeed given him another chance to serve Him. The evening ended with sandwiches, cookies and sodas. Teen Fusion is an event that is being considered to be presented again as an outdoor event in the late spring. Thank you to all who donated to help make this event a success for our teens. It is important that as a community we offer events for our teens that have a possitive impact on their lives and Teen Fusion proved to be one of those events. To God be the glory! For more information regarding Teen Fusion you may call 573-238-4746

written by Joy DuPrey, Marble Hill

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