Speak out 10/15/04

Friday, October 15, 2004

Vioxx recall

THIS IS for the individual who needs reimbursement for his Vioxx. You can call Merck Pharmaceutical, the company that made Vioxx at (888) 36-VIOXX or phone (800) 805-9542 and listen for instructions.

Stores not accessible

I WAS just wondering how a store can have wheelchairs for the handicapped but they don't have the restrooms fixed for handicapped people. I don't understand how they're getting by with this.

What about smallpox?

NOT TOO long ago, the Bush administration was considering the possibility of biological attacks and they were talking about vaccinating people against smallpox and now it turns out that they can't even provide us with flu shots.

Money grab

I THINK it's a shame when you see the fire department getting this money for equipment from Homeland Security. Just think, this is going on all over the country and this doesn't help Homeland Security at all. That money would be better spent checking these containers being shipped or nuclear plants or bridges. This is a money grab. That's why the cost of government is so high today.

Thanks to MoDOT crew

I WANT to thank the Missouri Department of Transportation maintenance crew for picking up part of the wreckage of a car along Interstate 55.

Pay down the debt

REGARDLESS OF who's elected president, this national debt has to be paid off. Both candidates said they hoped to reduce it in half during their next term in office. That's still going to leave a lot of debt to be paid for by the younger generation.

Spreading fear

OUR PRESIDENT says that Kerry has been spreading fear. Newsflash, unfortunately for us, they both have been spreading fear.

Cherish our country

THIS IS in response to Howard Dean's Sunday editorial: I agree with the clean air and water he referred to. We all love and cherish our American home but the life we all know will cease to exist if we allow these terrorists to gain a foothold on American soil. Your home, your property, schools, church, government will not be worth anything if these terrorists are allowed over here. I support our president, as we all should, because he is in a position to protect our homeland. Those of you who have belittled or criticized him should be ashamed. The politics during this election are not something to be proud of. I believe in freedom of speech but I also think it should be illegal to criticize a sitting president.

Account for spending

IT'S TIME to vote again and guess what? The Jackson School District is again trying to appeal to the voters. It's high time we call for an investigation of the school administration and its money spending. I'm tired of the continuous sob stories coming from this district. I will be voting no for any tax increase proposed by the Jackson School District until it is held accountable for their spending.

Claiming unemployment

IT IS my understanding that the figures that are being used to describe the jobless rate come from the number of applicants claiming unemployment benefits. What about the great number of people who have exhausted their unemployment benefits and are no longer eligible to draw, yet they are still unemployed? Are they being counted in the figures published as unemployed?

Trick-or-treating time

WITH HALLOWEEN falling on a Sunday this year, I think trick or treating should be done in the afternoon.

Watch the road

PLEASE DON'T talk on your cell phone while you are driving. I was driving along Broadway when a cell-phone-using dummy tried to get over in my lane while I was directly next to her. My honking didn't bother her. Meanwhile I was pushed atop a curb. Use your head and pay attention while operating a potentially fatal motor vehcle.

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