Letter to the Editor

Kerry uses deceptive language

Friday, October 15, 2004

To the editor:

During the debate, Kerry said that every woman has the right to abortion, boasting that he is Catholic and deeply respects life, but as a lawmaker he can't legislate laws based on Catholic articles of faith. I was appalled. He blasphemes the very truths upon which the church is founded. If he can't legislate laws based on his faith, does he support repealing laws against murder, robbery, rape, or fraud which the church is also against?

Kerry is a puppet of the abortion industry and of scientists promising great medical advances by killing embryos for their stem cells. He claims that the 60 already dead embryos from which stem cells were harvested for research aren't enough. I disagree.

Fifty years ago a line of cancer cells was taken from a deceased woman and they were cultured and grown. Today scientists around the world still use those cells in their research. It is never moral to kill embryos for the benefit of mankind.

Kerry is against banning partial -birth abortion if there isn't an exception for the health of the mother. What woman would undergo a three-day procedure and a breach birth for her health?

Kerry naively says he prefers to counsel women against abortion. Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion provider, claims to counsel women against abortion. Forty-four million dead babies attest to the failure of counseling as an alternative.

Using deceptive language to cover up his moral bankruptcy makes Kerry unfit to be president.