Bush daughters in state encouraging others to vote

Friday, October 15, 2004

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- President Bush's twin daughters on Thursday urged volunteers to keep up their efforts during the final 19 days of the presidential campaign.

Roughly 125 people turned out at a campaign rally in Independence to listen as Barbara and Jenna Bush, 22, encouraged them to bring people out to the polls and especially focus on the final 72 hours leading up to Election Day.

"This election is going to be very close and a lot will depend on how many people actually get out to vote on Nov. 2," Barbara Bush said.

The two also touched on the importance of women in their father's administration and said women had made big gains during his term, both domestically and internationally.

"I'm so proud that he helped liberate Afghanistan, where women are going back to work and girls are going back to school," Jenna Bush said.

The recent college graduates -- Barbara attended her father's alma mater, Yale, while Jenna went to the University of Texas -- have taken a larger role in this year's campaign, speaking at the Republican National Convention and making appearances like Thursday's.

At the rally, the pair said they have talked to a number of youth groups this year and despite characterizations of apathy in younger people, they expect those voters to have a larger say in this year's election.

"We do care about the kind of country we are building for our future," Jenna Bush said.

Andy Castro, 22, and Andy Talbert, 26, both students at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and active in the Republican Party, agreed. Both said they have seen more interest in politics this year among fellow students.

"In 2000, the Republican Party didn't really have the youth behind it, but I think they do this year," Castro said. "I'm energized."

After the Independence stop, the twins headed to Springfield for another meeting with volunteers.

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