Bride, groom save their first kiss for the altar

Sunday, November 30, 2008

CHICAGO -- Two abstinence teachers who wed in Chicago experienced their first kiss at the altar. And it was a doozy -- a two-minute smooch that drew cheers from about 500 people in the church.

After a one-year courtship, 28-year-old Melody LaLuz and 30-year-old Claudaniel Fabien tied the knot Saturday, even though they'd never locked lips before that day.

The couple teach abstinence in Chicago schools and, while dating, practiced what they'd been preaching to their teenage students.

"No kissing" wasn't their only rule. They were never alone together in a house. And they watched movies sitting upright on the couch, never lying down.

Vasti Cruz, a friend of the bride, said people clapped, stomped and cheered during the kiss.

A honeymoon is planned for the Bahamas. The pair say they have no worries about how they'll spend it.

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