Letter to the Editor

Our freedoms are on the line

Saturday, November 29, 2008

To the editor:

Radio is just a little box with a cord and some knobs. But does it ever cause controversy. And it is so easy to turn off or change stations. That is freedom, as is Speak Out.

It's frightening that so many are so willing to give up our freedom of speech. Censoring criticism of government is of great concern.

Those who rely on talk radio know that one faction controls most of the main media sources. Why would government want to stifle talk radio, unless it was countering government's goals?

Are we so accustomed to our freedoms that we cannot see how close we are to losing them?

Perhaps we need new radio personalities to unite us to save our freedoms.

Soon one faction will control our government. It's ironic that this group also controls what we see, hear and read. It is up to the people to see we are not put back under oppression like our ancestors escaped.

History shows that a republic like ours starts by those willing to sacrifice everything to gain freedom, lasts about 200 years and ends back under a dictator.

Let us be thankful for all our freedoms and those who have fought to keep them. Let us gain the courage to defend them and to learn God's Word to sustain us should we lose everything else.

LEE SNIDER, Cape Girardeau