Out of the past 11/26/08

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

25 years ago: Nov. 26, 1983

Cape Girardeau will seek to recover legal costs involved in fighting the Westborough Mall suit; since April 1979, the city has sprint $18,831.16 in attorney fees and costs fighting the case; yet to be received is a bill in connection with the recently completed 10-day trial.

Downtown shoppers delight in the annual window display at Hutson's Furniture store; this year's animated scene features Christmas along South Spanish Street.

50 years ago: Nov. 26, 1958

Texas Eastern Transmission Corp. completes installation of seepage collars on its Big Inch and Little Inch pipelines, at a point where they cross the Clear Creek back levee near Reynoldsville, Ill.; the work allows engineers to proceed with plans for bringing the final two miles of the Clear Creek levee to an increased grade for more substantial flood protection.

Voting was heavy yesterday in the school district special election, with the issue apparently losing by 18 votes; the proposal was to issue school district bonds of $110,000 to provide a new school.

75 years ago: Nov. 26, 1933

Loyalty Day is observed at Grace Methodist Episcopal Church in Cape Girardeau; following the Sunday school, the Rev. William H. Hackman, pastor, delivers a sermon.

Five educators, two from Cape Girardeau, hunting in Pemiscot County yesterday enjoyed a good day and report getting 48 quail; the hunters were L.J. Schultz and William A. Shivelbine of Cape Girardeau, superintendent Roscoe Pierce of Caruthersville, superintendent Troy Pierce of Wardell and superintendent John L. James of Braggadocio.

100 years ago: Nov. 26, 1907

Thanksgiving Day. The Protestant churches of Cape Girardeau, which usually combine for their union Thanksgiving Services, gather at the new Methodist church on North Ellis Street, the Rev. G.E. Heidel preaching a sermon.

In probably the best football game ever seen in this city, the Cape Girardeau Normal School team battles the heavier Kirksville, Mo., players up and down the gridiron for much of their game but lose in the end by a mere nine points.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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