Letter to the Editor

Blunt's actions speak volumes

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

To the editor:

In the height of the silly season we call campaigns, it is hard to pick out any kernels of truth, from either side. However, the latest actions of Matt Blunt in his quest for the governor speak volumes.

After he won the primary, he said he would debate Claire McCaskill any time and any place. Now, he suddenly does not have time to debate her in St. Louis. He does have time to do so in Kansas City, and more importantly for him, in Springfield.

I hear that and I have to wonder: what is he afraid of that he won't debate in St. Louis? To me, the measure of a person is their willingness to meet the voters, not in their home turf (Springfield) but in the enemy's lair, here St. Louis.

I don't have much confidence in a candidate who lacks the strength of his convictions. If he is cowed by a campaign, what happens with the first hard issue he faces?

MICHAEL H. MAGUIRE, Cape Girardeau