Bankruptcies for October 2004

Friday, October 15, 2004


Bankruptcies filed through Oct. 10 for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeastern Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscott, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.


Brown, Herman E. and Doris V.11581
Cook, James T.11669
Long, Carolyn J.11545
Young, John G.11583


Arena, John C. and Lela M.11517
Burkett, Glenda J. 11639
Ethridge, Warren J. and Shirley R. 11611
Johns, Judy A. 11675
King, Chad W. and Jessica 11577
McGinty, James L. and Teresa L. 11515
Muse, Allison M. and Robert L. 11514
Newcomb, Christopher S. and Sarah L. 11516
St. Lawrence, Daniel L. and Kelly A. 11641
Stamps, Bobby D. and June A. 11561
Stewart, Edward E. and Wanda K. 11653
Watson, Corrina A. 11578


Barazi, Patricia S.11543
Bayless, Sandra K. 11632
Bender, Steven R. 11658
Bercey, Chastity R. 11671
Bridges, Linda D. and Beck, Robert 11655
Coleman, Gary M. and Amy E. 11663
Cook, Kevin D. 11617
Dale, Debra A. 11623
Francis, Stephen G. and Sandra K. 11511
Hankins, John C. 11636
Howard, Donald H. and Evelyn H. 11644
Jones, Jacqueline M. and Walter L. 11582
Krewson, Shirlene A. 11550
Lamberson, Steven W. and Donna L. 11552
McDaniel, Brenda S. 11628
McLain, Rhonda L. 11553
McMillan, Brian D. 11532
Minkin Enterprises, LLC 11590
Minkin, Erik and Lyudmila 11589
Morris, Barbara J. and Leonard P. 11528
Myers, Darrell L. and Mia G. 11591
Osborn, Paula K. 11605
Pinkley, Oscar L. and Sharon 11676
Ragland, Lee F. 11527
Rankin, Traci R. 11646
Sebaugh, Douglas J. and Dianne G. 11536
Spencer, Jeremy J. 11575
Stanley, Naomi A. 11594
Warren, Vicki D. 11677
White, William L. 11584
Williams, Jay J. and Debra R. 11535
Winters, Lee S. and Carly L. 11647


Baublitz, Kenneth W. and Sandra G.11604
Carnarsky, Barbara J. 11621
Clifton, William L. and Teresa R. 11542
Goodrich, Belinda J. 11585
Hemingway, Joseph W. and Viola M. 11649
Hyde, Gary and Terry 11672
Loafman, Holly B. 11622
Lowrance, Ruby M. 11618
Lowry, Amanda B. 11560
Mabry, Christopher L. 11565
Morgan, Jessie and Betty L. 11564
Peridore, Russell R. and Lorene 11519
Ray, Donald G. and Levena K. 11505
Skaggs, Lisa G. 11620
Smallmon, Jerry D. and Patsy I. 11597
Speakes, Kelly J. and Jennifer J. 11624


Boyster, Lytle F. and Brenda J. 11595
Hovis, Kevin E. and Tasha M. 11540
McDowell, Wesley A. and Rebecca A. 11626
Morrison, Steven A. and Jeanne S. 11631
Torrez, Ginger K. 11629


Brougham, Michael J. and Shelley L.11526
Collier, James L. and Christine M. 11513
Davis, David L. and Brenda D. 11563
Harris, William B. and Brandy M. 11587


Brown, Glennon J.11656
Gresham, Douglas W. 11509]
Lohmann, Brian C. 11662
Proffer, Thomas J. and Lori J. 11530
Riney, Kenneth L. and Nancy S. 11531
Scott, Elizabeth A. 11657
Waller, Robbin C. 11557
Womack, Jeffery G. and Marva R. 11524


Barnett, Emil R.11673
Bilt-Rite Trailers, Inc. 11574
Camden, Shelia I. 11512
Campbell, Juanita 11613
Clark, Claudia Y. 11610
Cooper, Brian K. and Susan L. 11666
Duncan, Jane L. 11598
Ellitt, Claretta 11645
Enderle, Kyle J. and Barbara S. 11537
Foster, Eastman G. 11507
Hensley, Darrin K. and Teresa L. 11547
Hente, John P. and Carol A. 11599
Hicks, Kurt E. and Jessica A. 11668
Holder, Catherine A. 11667
Jobe, James R. and Cynthia L. 11508
Keene, Richard L. and Mary E. 11606
Kiplinger, Randy G. and Tammy K. 11616
Lambert, Daniel K. 11600
Lesch, Brandon L. and Lacey B. 11549
Long, Bobby J. and Sheila M. 11556
Mann, Jeffry S. and Charlotte P. 11603
Phillips, Carrie R. 11548
Scherer, James E. and Sheila L. 11633
Shaffer, Lisa B. 11652
Sitzes, Mary V. 11615
Wagner, Raymond L. 11665
West, Gary S. and Laurie M. 11635
White, Debbie M. 11534
Whitlatch, Rebecca A. 11664
Wylde, Kimberly D. 11544


Angel, Jonathan C. and Melissa A.11609
Arnold, Bobbi S. 11654
Ash, Stanton K. and Terressa J. 11642
Brown, Dennis A. 11627
Carrier, Paul E. 11520
Christian, Paul G. 11523
Cloninger, Ronnie D. and Virgie M. 11602
Cruz, Jose A. and F. Lenora 11634
Culverhouse, James L. and Shirley J. 11588
Doan, Raymond E. and Deborah C. 11522
Fowler, Jerry L. and Adawn R. 11539
Hatton, Timothy C. 11601
Hillis, Harlan G. 11637
Holland, Robert J. and Sheila D. 11670
Long, Kimberley G. 11504
McBride, Tiffany R. 11518
Norman, Drew A. and Tina M. 11541
Pearson, Dale A. 11651
Razer, Emma L. and Wayne A. 11593
Shade, Dennis D. and Nena L. 11650
Smith, Kevin D. and Jennifer M. 11625
Spence, Ricky A. and Angela C. 11506
Ulmer, Steven R. and Amanda M. 11614
Vaughn, Larry D. and Virginia M. 11538
Woods, James T. and Lucye K. 11521


Dorris, Billy B. and Nina L.11630
Sides, Jimmie H. and Jessica L. 11638
Tomlinson, L. and Erica L. 11562
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