Twelve resign from Millersville Rural Fire District

Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Firefighters from Millersville, seen here fighting a hay fire. Twelve members of the fire department resigned Monday.

Twelve members of the Millersville Rural Fire District, including the chief, resigned at a board meeting Monday, throwing down their gear bags and walking out after a series of conflicts over spending, said former chief Jerry Aufdenburg.

A heated argument with an officer over spending on equipment led to the resignations, Aufdenburg said.

The department had been running low on both money and storage space for new vehicles, he said.

Aufdenburg said members of the department began tossing their gear bags down, signifying their resignation.

"I thought, well if I stay, I'd be saying I'm OK with it," Aufdenburg said.

Six firefighters and six officers resigned total, leaving the department with 10 members left.

Look for more on this story later on or in Thursday's Southeast Missourian.

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