Speak Out 11/19/08

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cross-burning story

YOU SHOULD be ashamed of printing a story on burning crosses. As if that weren't bad enough, you had a picture of a burning cross in your hometown newspaper. So you can be responsible for bringing all the hate that comes with it to Southeast Missouri. I am disgusted with your newspaper, I expected more from. You too will have to answer to your God for your actions, but after reading this story and seeing the picture your paper chose to print, I believe you spell God with the letters "money." You all have the mentality of the losers standing around a couple of school-age boys who are about to fight, chanting "Fight, fight, fight."

Lots of red

ALTHOUGH THERE is some indication that the nation is more united as a result of the presidential election, a closer inspection of the results on a county-by-county basis shows this not to be the case. With a few exceptions, most previously blue counties are still blue, and most red counties are in many instances redder than ever. For example, many area counties are (believe it or not) more red than the post-election faces of the Southeast Missourian editorial board.

Conservative meaning

IT IS impossible to deem the Southeast Missourian a diabolical conservative newspaper. Those who call themselves conservatives have spent so much time bashing their opponents they no longer have any idea as to the definition or deeper meaning of conservatism.

Need to change

At the top of the police report it reads, "Arrests do not imply guilt." Why do people placed under arrest have to wait for weeks, sometimes longer, before they are contacted by an attorney? Meanwhile, the accused person is denied a lie-detector test that would prove he is not guilty, and he winds up being incarcerated for months. If the person who makes allegations that lead to charges and an arrest were to be investigated thoroughly by the authorities, the lives of innocent people would not be destroyed by lies and deceit. Something needs to change to protect innocent citizens.

We're all one

AS WE enter an era of good feelings and national unanimity, there will no longer be any distinction between conservatism, liberalism, moderates and so forth. We will all be as one.

Thanks for barrier

THANK YOU, MoDOT for putting in the cable barrier in the I-55 median. It will save lives, I'm sure.

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