Rally at Indian Park features state Sen. Mary Bland

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Deborah McBride, Democrat candidate for Cape Girardeau County public administrator, was host of a political rally Saturday afternoon at Indian Park on William and Lorimier streets.

One of her guest speakers was state Sen. Mary Bland, D-Kansas City. Bland, a senator since 1998 and a legislator since 1980, spoke about the importance of voting.

"I want everyone to vote," Bland said. "Voting is too important for any of us not to vote."

Bland said personal appearances are important so voters can hear what a candidate has to say and can question a candidate. She said she was disappointed there were no candidates besides McBride and herself at the rally.

"I came with the expectation that there would be more visibility of people who are in authority and working as hard as I am to get the vote out, especially for the Democratic party," she said.

Nancy Farmer, who is running for the U.S. Senate against Republican incumbent Kit Bond, was scheduled to appear with McBride and Bland, but did not. Bland said this close to the election, it's easy for candidates to be overcommitted and unable to be everywhere they would like to be.

According to the Democrat National Committee in Missouri, Farmer took part in a Women for Women walk in St. Louis Saturday morning. Women for Women, a national canvassing effort, along with other Democratic events were scheduled in various locations in the state. Bekki Cook, candidate for lieutenant governor, led one in Cape Girardeau Saturday morning.

McBride said she was disappointed Cook did not attend her rally.

"She's right in my back yard," she said.

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