Cafe no longer has marijuana on menu

Sunday, October 10, 2004

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- There's no more marijuana on the menu at the Da Kine cafe.

The Da Kine Smoke and Beverage Shop on Vancouver's hip Commercial Drive was shut down after police seized some 20 pounds of marijuana worth about $49,000, hashish and 300 cookies baked with hash or weed in a raid Thursday, Acting Deputy Chief Bob Rolls said.

During one 90-minute surveillance period, police saw 230 customers, and estimate the cafe was taking in about $22,500 a day, Rolls said.

Seven workers and one customer were taken into custody Thursday. There were 33 people in the cafe during the raid.

"Charges have been recommended and are currently before" government prosecutors, Rolls said.

Although marijuana is illegal in Canada, the country's Liberal government has said it is committed toward decriminalizing the herb in minor amounts. City councilor Jim Green said there is a tolerance in Vancouver to these kinds of establishments.

Owner Carol Gwilt said she didn't consider what she was doing illegal.

Many screamed at the officers to go home and smoked joints as police videotaped the crowd.

-- From wire reports

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