Bigger Cape County park shelter to replace one destroyed by fire

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On Monday, Cape Girardeau County commissioners approved plans to rebuild Shelter 21 at Cape County Park South. The 36-by-42-foot shelter was destroyed by a fire Aug. 6.

Insurance paid $54,788 to cover the damage. A plan submitted to the county commission by county public works director Don McQuay would require a 44-by-64-foot concrete slab, metal posts and beams, wiring, lighting, picnic tables made of metal pedestals and wood tops. McQuay estimated the new shelter would cost $42,121.

The board of park commissioners approved the plans at its August meeting.

McQuay said the new design is more economic than the one for the original shelter. The new shelter will have a lighted cathedral ceiling and a two-gabled roof instead of the original four-gable design.

"It's span trusses where the other was rafters, and we're covering it with metal instead of shingles and plywood," he said. "There will be all metal covers instead of plywood and paint — it's less labor-intensive for maintenance."

McQuay said some of the changes were specifically made to reduce the chance of future malicious destruction.

Shelter construction, which is scheduled to start next week if weather permits, will be done by public works employees, with the exception of concrete finishing that has been contracted out.

"We're saving county taxpayer money by doing it in-house," McQuay said. The shelter is expected to be done before spring.

He said the remaining insurance money will be spent on sidewalks and landscaping around the shelter.

The county public works department is also responsible for preparing the county parks' annual Christmas display. McQuay said new wiring has been added to support the display, which this year will have at least 200 entries installed.


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