Speak Out 11/10/08

Monday, November 10, 2008

Proper focus

CAN CHRISTIAN evangelicals regain their lost political clout, as evidenced by the election result? No. But they're better off for it. True evangelicals need to reorient their sense of purpose toward the afterlife and away from the sordid affairs of this world.

Getting the message

I WAS so happy to read the comments from Wendy Rust about the River Campus production that was demeaning to Jesus Christ. If enough patrons take the time to do as Mrs. Rust has done, maybe Southeast Missouri State University will get the message that questionable theater productions should be turned down. Thank you for not being afraid to speak up.

Intentional affront

I CONCUR with Wendy and Gary Rust concerning their outrage over the play presented at the River Campus, "Sister Mary Ignatius." To me, productions like these are intentionally in-your-face affronts to the people who did so much to make the River Campus a reality. I'll never again buy season tickets. Academic freedom is not absolute. Heads should roll.

American patriotism

I FIND it amazing that the whole world is celebrating Barack Obama's win with hope, yet I don't understand how there can be people, right here in America, who will not celebrate and are cynical. These people call themselves patriotic and Christian and claim that their country comes first. The American people have spoken. That should be respected. If you can't honor the voice of America, do not call yourself patriotic, especially if you do not believe that all men are created equal. Putting down other skin colors is insulting God's work. If your heart tells you that what you are doing or thinking is wrong, it's usually right. Listen to it.

Campaign limits

THANK GOD the election is over. Now it is time to put a limit on the amount of time and money a candidate can use. This has been obscene.

Mixed signals

AFTER READING about the emaciated dog and seeing the picture in the paper, I don't think things like that should be shown in the paper, just like I don't think a killing should be on the front page. It gives off mixed signals.

Look to the future

I WORK with educated people. The day after Barack Obama was elected president, which I'm happy about, one of my black co-workers made the comment that maybe now with a black president the government's oppression of blacks would stop. I asked her what she meant. She could not come up with a single example of the government's oppression of blacks. She brought up slavery, but slavery has been illegal for many years, and the government made it illegal. She talked about opportunities, but the government has instituted equal opportunity and affirmative action to level, if not slant, the playing field. She finally admitted the government doesn't oppress blacks. I'm so sick and tired of hearing how this is such a victory for black people. A victory for black people would be that they would stop shooting each other, stay in marriages and be committed to their children, and that black men would actually be fathers.

Voting equipment

I AM appalled at the voting equipment in Cape Girardeau County. The legs on the voting booth are so wiggly that they are about to fall off. Can't we get some updated equipment? One of the most important jobs we have to do in our lifetime is to vote.

Going to the dogs

I READ in the paper about another shooting in south Cape Girardeau. Yesterday a friend told me about a dog barking in her neighborhood while playing in its backyard in west Cape Girardeau. Two police cars showed up, and the police gave the dog's owner a ticket. While south Cape Girardeau goes to the dogs, dogs in west Cape Girardeau can't bark in their own backyard on a sunny afternoon.

Work for food

WHEN LYNDON Johnson started the welfare era, he meant well. Helping the needy is one of the beautiful traits that most Americans possess. However, with 35 percent of Americans not paying any income tax at all, it's obvious that many are not willing to work to meet their needs. They are barnacles on the ship of society. Those who do not work should not eat. Sound too harsh? Then find that quote in Thessalonians 3:10.

Offensive productions

I'D LIKE to say that I agree with Wendy Kurka Rust's commentary on the plays presented at the River Campus. It was conservative money that made the River Campus possible. Now it's inhabited by liberals who push offensive productions as part of the ticket subscription package. We had season tickets last year and did not renew for this season. I completely agree.

Lopsided voting

ON ELECTION Day eve, I heard a reporter say there were such a high percentage of whites voting for Barack Obama that racism has pretty much disappeared in America. With 98 percent of African-Americans voting for Obama, did I miss something here, or did he?

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