Letter to the Editor

Civil law based on commandments

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

To the editor:

A recent Speak Out comment made a derogatory remark about Christians that was misinformed. The Lord Jesus would reply to such falsehood, "You don't know the Scriptures, therefore, you do greatly err."

The comment about "being sick about putting God back in school" displays a lack of common sense. The Ten Commandments should be displayed in every public school. On what are our civil laws based? All of the law's moral content is based on the Ten Commandments. Without those principles, society would be in a chaotic spiritual condition.

The comment also said "Christians do not have a monopoly on morality." Christians have God's revelation in the divinely inspired Holy Scriptures that shows mankind God's law and also God's love in his forgiveness of sins for all who truly repent and turn to Christ and his forgiveness in the Gospel. That fact prompts Christians to do good works.

If you think you can stand before God in your own righteousness, you'll be sorely disappointed on that last judgment day. There will be no higher court to which you can appeal. Think about it before throwing all Christians into one condemning statement.