Red Devils build point total after silent start

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

At the pace Chaffee's offense has improved in the last three weeks, the Red Devils may be able to hang 56 points on the scoreboard in the season finale.

OK, that may be an exaggeration for winless Chaffee.

"Hopefully, something will go our way and we'll pull one out here," Chaffee coach Terry Brashers said after Friday night's 47-20 loss to Scott City.

Still, the Red Devils (0-5) are putting the ball in the end zone more frequently each of the last three weeks after being shut out in the first two games. And that gives the fans something to cheer about in the midst of what is now a 19-game losing streak.

"I told our kids they were going to come in here and play hard and play their guts out," Scott City coach Terry Flannigan said.

Chaffee was within 14-7 early in the second quarter before Scott City exploded for 27 points in the final seven minutes of the first half.

The Red Devils had pieced together an impressive 56-yard scoring drive with sophomore fullback David Rhoda running four times for 27 yards. With a third-and-inches play at Scott City's 28-yard line, Brashers opted for a little trickery as quarterback Jeff Daugherty lofted a touchdown pass to a wide-open Rick Baylis. Gabe Walter kicked the extra point.

Rhoda finished the night with 66 yards rushing on 23 carries. He also caught two passes in the second half for 46 yards and ran for two touchdowns in the second half.

"David is not very big but he is very solid," Brashers said. "He's a tough runner. He's a hard hitter, and he never comes off the field. He's just a solid ballplayer."

Daugherty, a junior, was productive on his five completions for 122 yards, though he misfired on 10 passes, including two interceptions. Geff Mirley grabbed two passes for 48 yards, including a 40-yard pass play that set up a bizarre and lengthy red-zone possession.

Chaffee eventually scored its second touchdown after two pass interference penalties and a personal foul against Scott City, illegal motion and delay of game penalties against Chaffee and four Rhoda carries netting eight yards.

"Our problem is we don't have the numbers," Brashers said. "We only have 25 kids and six of those are freshmen. They're doing what they can but they're just not there yet."

The Red Devils still are getting fan support. About 200 came out for the rivalry game at Scott City.

"We've had good fan support," Brashers said. "The fans have been there, and it's hard to follow a team in the condition we're in."

But on the offensive side of the scoreboard, the condition looks to be improving.

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