Speak out 9/30/04

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Smokers have rights

IN RESPONSE to the recent comment about smoking at the SEMO District Fair: I don't like the smoking. I am a nonsmoker, but my husband is a smoker. But the fair covers a great big area. That's like going into the park and not being able to smoke in the park. You can't regulate smoking everywhere. If you don't like breathing second-hand smoke when you're in a public area, you should move somewhere else. Smokers do have rights.

Good work after burglary

THE JACKSON police did a wonderful job apprehending the two juveniles after the burglary the other day, but the police department should have given thanks to the junior high principal and assistant principal for assisting. They did a lot of work and a great job.

Lend a helping hand

OF COURSE if you can work, you should. But there are people whose capabilities aren't what others are. The Bible says "Love one another." We know that helping others is what makes America great.

Global understanding

AS A baby boomer who travels internationally and has done so for more than 30 years, I'd like to say how much I enjoy and appreciate the letters from Justin Cox in Chile and Britni Lang in France. Our readers of tomorrow certainly need this type of experience to understand other cultures and lead them on a path of global understanding and peace. I am looking forward to more letters from abroad.

Outside consultants

THE CAPE Girardeau School Board needs an outside consultant to interview for a new superintendent. The Cape Girardeau Fire Department needs an outside consultant on rescues. Doesn't it make you feel safe that this city taxes us poor people to death and then isn't smart enough to do the work? There aren't enough school books for each student in Cape's schools. I have a crazy idea. Let's use some of that money to further their education so the future adults won't need an outside consultant.

Government masters

IF MARTHA Stewart must go to federal prison for simply lying to the government, what is the punishment for a member of government lying to the citizens? Members of government are not longer public servants. They are masters.

Cheerleading stars

I WANT to say good job to the Jackson High School cheerleaders. They held a cheer camp this week for kindergarten through sixth-graders, and they are going to cheer with them. They did a wonderful job teaching these little ones, and I can't wait till the game when they all will shine like the stars they are.

Loved the music

IF YOU want to listen to other types of music besides rock and metal at the City of Roses Music Festival, go to the SEMO District Fair and the Show Me Center. The fair always has country, and the Show Me Center has more country artists than any other type of music. Let those who like rock and metal have one weekend a year for their type of music. I was at the festival this year. I'm a 36-year-old woman with kids, and we loved it.

Good job on road

AS A homeowner on Minnesota Street in Cape Girardeau, I would like to say thank you to all the contractors involved in working on our road project. All of the folks involved have done a wonderful and timely job. I appreciate the early hours and hard work. The city employees have also done a fine job as well. Thank you for making our neighborhood a better place to live.

Paying the taxes

SINCE WHEN does government owe you a living? That is not why taxes are paid. Taxes are paid to provide infrastructure and military defenses. Your family or church should take part in helping you if you cannot help yourself. We are not an entitlement society, although many would like it if we were. Corporate welfare? Please, who do you think is paying all these taxes? It's not the middle and lower classes like many want to claim. It's the rich and the big companies that provide jobs who pay the bulk of the taxes.

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